A Mississippi River Journey: Travels with my son

During the summer of 2022, my 15 year old son, Max, and I will attempt to canoe the Mississippi River, source to sea, all 2400 miles. It will take us approximately 10 weeks to make this journey through the heartland of the United States on the longest river in North America. In making this trip, Max will be helping me complete a lifelong dream as I approach my 60th birthday this year. You can find out more about what has inspired me to do this in a post I am going to write all about the project. Along the way, we’ll be posting written narratives, photos, and videos. We hope you’ll subscribe to our blog and follow along. This trip is more than just an adventurous trip down the river though. For the past six years I have been employed as the director of The International School Yangon (ISY), in Myanmar. Max is originally from Myanmar. As a result we have a unique affinity for the country. In these unique and challenging times, we want to take advantage of this trip to do something for the children of Myanmar by collecting funds for two projects ISY supports. So, if you feel so inclined, we hope you’ll check out the information on United World Schools (UWS) and the Care for the Least Center (CLC) on our blog and consider a tax deductible sponsorship donation to help us in our support of the children of Myanmar. All funds will be equally divided between the school ISY supports through UWS, and CLC.

To give you an idea of the kind of people you will be benefitting I made the below video from photos I have taken since being in Myanmar.

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An adventure of a lifetime that will change the lives of many. Enjoy the planning, enjoy the adventure.

What a wonderful fundraiser!

Keep filling your moment jar and keep teaching your son how to fill his…loving this. Lmk if you’re taking on “guest paddlers” for any portions of your journey. We’d be honored to share in any fellowship…

Max and I can’t wait to start this journey. We look forward to sharing it.

Go Greg and Max!




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