Reframing The Lens

Reframing the Lens We go home to Minnesota every summer.  We have a cabin on a lake.  Really, in Minnesota, who doesn’t have a cabin on the lake, after all, it is the land of 10,000 lakes.  You can’t drive for ten minutes without running into another lake.  In our case, our cabin is in … More Reframing The Lens

What’s the hurry? What I’ve come to believe about change

What’s the hurry?    What I’ve come to believe about change I consider myself to be an agent of change.  I’m in my fourth headship in 17 years.  In each of these positions, I’ve approached them with the firm belief and personal understanding my role is to advocate and initiate change.  This is partially due … More What’s the hurry? What I’ve come to believe about change

The Fortunate Few

The Fortunate Few There are many reasons my wife, Kirstin, and I decided to make international education a career following the initial two-year experience we had in 1992 when we took a leave of absence from our teaching positions in the US.  USA Today recently ran an article (May 6, 2019) describing the many benefits … More The Fortunate Few

The Must Haves

As educators, we have an awesome responsibility.  We are charged with preparing our students for the future.  No matter what they may end up doing in the future – whether they are business people, authors, political leaders, or engaged in a trade, we have the responsibility to make sure they have the skills they need … More The Must Haves