Learning From Giants

Learning From Giants I’ve had four very successful international school headships over the past two decades.  I’m fortunate to be able to say I hold the longest serving tenure as a school head at two of those schools, while I provided successful leadership during political, economic, and labor crises, a sexual abuse crisis, a natural … More Learning From Giants


Days 34 – 36

Two fairly comfortable days and a rest day in between made possible by putting in some extra miles earlier. Things to note are the snakes we are seeing, a baby raccoon, golf carts and opening resupply packages like it’s Christmas! … More Days 34 – 36

Days 28 to 30

Three good days from Moline to Quincy, Illinois but leaving Iowa on our right and heading in to Missouri, our 5th State! The Mississippi Angels are a group of people who help out people on the river and we met up with even more of them over these days. Great people! … More Days 28 to 30